Our Values

We abide by fundamental principles that inspire good behavior and that form, nurture and guide youth through a long path full of obstacles in their life. This strengthens our organization as we look to a better and more competitive future.


  • Discipline – By placing high expectations on a child good behavior and always addressing inappropriate conduct we empower youth to be responsible for their actions, instilling in them, a sense of pride.


  • Respect – To treat others the way would like to be treated is one of the most valuable lessons we can teach our youth. We encourage good sportsmanship by rewarding positive behavior and taking advantage of positive teachable moments.


  • Integrity – Youth sports sometimes involves our players making tough decisions, on and off the field. Through education and empathy, LFF encourages our players to always do what is right, even when it is costly or difficult.


  • Punctuality – Along with all the other valuable lessons youth sports teaches, punctuality is one that, if developed early, can lead to a lifetime of success. By teaching our youth the importance of being on time, especially when your team depends on you, we are teaching them to value not only their time but the time of others.


  • Friendship – Being an LFF team member build friendships, game after game and at every match held.